About Us

Beachem Brothers Electric, Inc.  has been in business in Sarasota, Florida since 1976. In April 2015, we became a part of Goodson Electric Contractors, LLC which now is doing business as Beachem Brothers Electric in the Sarasota market. We specialize in all phases of electrical, i.e., residential, commercial, industrial, service, repair, and remodel. Our employees are trained regularly to assure that they are familiar with the most recent developments in the electrical fields. We value our customers business and realize that quality service is the essence of success and longevity in the electrical industry. For your safety BEACHEM BROTHERS ELECTRIC  conducts background checks on all employees. We are a drug free workplace. Safety in all Beachem Brothers Electric operations is a requirement. We have formulated a written policy to govern all the operations of Beachem Brothers Electric, including weekly safety meetings per OSHA guidelines. It is a condition of employment with Beachem Brothers Electric, that all employees adhere faithfully to the requirements of this policy, as well as the safety rules, instructions and procedures issued in conjunction with it. It is also a condition of all subcontracts and purchase orders issued by Beachem Brothers Electric, that this policy and safety rules as well as applicable state, federal and local codes and regulations be adhered to. Failure to comply is a breach of contract terms. Beachem Brothers Electric, will make an effort to ensure that the operations of other contractors not under our direct control do not endanger the safety of our employees. The safety director, general superintendent, project supervisor and foremen have the full support of management in enforcing the provisions of this policy as it relates to responsibilities assigned to them.   Please call us (941) 365-1919  or leave us a message and we will be back shortly.